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Premium digital assets for designers at one low monthly cost. Unlimited downloads of our graphic templates, UI UX design kits, presentation templates and more.

High quality creative assets for your next design project.

Unleash your creative potential with our extensive marketplace featuring a treasure trove of premium design assets!


Dive into a world of user-friendly UI/UX design templates, graphic templates, and polished presentation templates, all meticulously crafted to elevate your projects.  


Embark on your creative journey today and discover a plethora of design elements to bring your vision to life!

Web designing

Graphic Templates

UI UX Kits

Presentation Templates

Email Templates


  • Creative Subscription

    Every month
    Unlimited creative design assets for designers, agencies and teams
    • Access to current and future creative assets
    • Unlimited Download
    • Free licensing
    • Cancel anytime

Creative Marketplace FAQs

  • Why wouldn't I just hire a full-time designer?
    If you have the financial capacity to do so, why not? In the US. the annual cost of a full-time senior-level multimedia designer exceeds $100,000 plus benefits. Same can be said to an entry-level designer where annual salary exceeds $40,000. Don't believe us? Here's proof With KeyEicon, you can save more and work with our monthly plans, which you can cancel, adjust and pause at any time. 🌞
  • What does unlimited design subscription mean?
    Unlimited design subscription means you can create as many design requests as you want - with no limit! We process your request in a form of queue, where our team will work on your request one at a time, two at a time or even 4 requests at a time, depending on your plan. Once our team completes a task, we'll quickly move on to your next request. We usually get it right the first time, and if we don’t, then no sweat. Revisions are also unlimited. You can maximize your subscription by keeping your queue nice and full, or choose to have more than one subscription to increase your daily design output.
  • How much does it cost?
    KeyEicon is one of the most affordable premium design subscriptions on the market. With simple and transparent pricing, KeyEicon offers 2 affordable plans to get unlimited design hassle-free, all plans supports two active tasks at a time. The Standard plan ($99 for the first week trial, then $1,988 per month) provides everything you need for daily design tasks, including logos, branding, marketing graphics, presentations, illustrations, and animated graphics. The Pro plan ($175 for the first week trial, then $3,988 per month with the trial) supports everything included in the Standard plan, plus video editing, 3D design, website design, landing page design, and website development with platforms like Webflow, Framer, Wix, Squarespace, WordPress and Shopify (Beta).
  • How often am I billed?
    We offer flexible billing cycles: Monthly plans: You are billed each month on the same calendar date as your initial signup date. ‍ Quarterly and Yearly plans are available upon request. All plans auto-renew on their selected billing cycles until you decide to cancel. You can switch, pause or cancel your plan at any time to avoid future charges.
  • In what currency will I be billed?
    Our primary billing currency is USD for customers in the US or any other country not mentioned in the list below. Clients from other countries may pay in their local currency upon request. For example, if you're based in the United Kingdom, you can pay in GBP. Similarly, if you're located in Australia, you can opt to pay in AUD. Our alternate payment provider is Wise, which allows you to pay in the local currency, avoiding potential currency conversion fees that may be imposed by your bank or credit card provider. By utilizing Wise for your payments, you can ensure that you are not charged any additional fees, allowing for seamless and cost-effective transactions for the high-quality services provided by KeyEicon.
  • Why are we affordable?
    At KeyEicon, we set ourselves apart by keeping our operational costs at a minimum, allowing us to provide high-quality graphic-web design services at competitive prices. As a fully remote-based company in the Philippines, we have the advantage of lower overhead costs, which we pass on to our clients. This approach allows us to cater to a wide range of clients while maintaining our commitment to quality.
  • How much can we actually get done in one month?
    Total output is dependent on the complexity and project detail you submit. For example if you need a UI/UX design for an e-commerce website, and you already have a creative brief, moodboard, wireframes, content, then you can expect the designs in Figma right away. If you have incomplete information and requirements, design requests may take longer than expected. In a typical month, estimated deliveries are: Standard plan: 15-20 average projects at one project daily during business days. Pro plan: 10-20 average projects (Video editing, web design, and Webflow take longer than regular graphic design tasks). Note: These are estimations. Actual monthly production capacity varies based on design complexity and revisions required.
  • Are there any hidden fees?
    No hidden fees! All taxes and other fees are included in the flat rate.
  • How quick is the turnaround time?
    Our turnaround time is within 8 hours after receiving your design request. However, some design requests might take more time, depending on the complexity. Rest assured that all your requests are handled with care by a team of professional designers and project managers.
  • Am I in a long-term contract?
    We offer a month-to-month membership. You may cancel your subscription anytime in your account!
  • What happens when I cancel a plan?
    When you cancel a plan, the purchased plan and payment will not continue for the next cycle. For example, if you cancel a monthly plan in the middle of January, the plan continues until the end for January, but does not recur in the following months.
  • What's your refund policy?
    We provide the opportunity to try our services to see if we're the right fit. We do not offer refunds at this time.
  • Will you transfer original files to me during the trial period?
    Unfortunately, no. We don't provide high-resolution files, source files, or transfer Figma or Webflow projects to trial users. We cannot provide you with the original files unless you purchase a subscription. If you are interested in obtaining those files but are not ready to commit to a subscription, you can buy those files via a one-month non-renewable subscription.
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